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Studio Policies

– Students must be dressed in proper dress code, with shoes on and hair secured, when their class starts.  All dance clothing must be neat.  Holes and frayed edges must be mended or new clothing must be purchased.  No underwear should be shown.  No t-shirts will be worn in class.

– All items, including shoes, must be labeled with the student’s first and last name.  Students must also have a dance bag for all their belongings labeled with their first and last name.

– All shoe soles must be clean before entering the studio.

– Hair must be pulled back secure in ponytail or bun for all classes. It is a requirement that ALL ballet classes have their hair pulled back into a bun with no bangs in their face,

– Students must not be late for their class.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early before class starts to allow enough time to get dressed and warm-up in their waiting room.  Arriving late will not allow the student proper time to warm up for class and it is a distraction to the class of students.

– Students younger than middle school should NOT be dropped off until 15 minutes before their class begins.  Also, all dancers must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after their class ends.  Students who take the last class of the night must be picked up promptly at the conclusion of their class.

– Young children in waiting areas must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

– No jewelry, other than earring studs, will not be permitted while students are taking class.

– No chewing gum/candy, food or drink are permitted in class. Water bottles, labeled with the student’s name are allowed.  There is a designated area in the studios where students place their dance bags and water bottles.

– If a student will miss a class, the studio must be notified with advanced notice.

– FSD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

– FSD and its instructors are not liable for injuries sustained on the its studio premises or at any location where FSD performs.

– Any damage done to the studio by dancers or siblings will be the financial responsibility of their parents or guardians.

– Parents and children sitting in waiting rooms will be courteous by keeping the noise level down to a minimum so the students in the classroom are not distracted.

– Parents and guardians are able to observe their children the first day of each month throughout the season.  The other days are closed to allow the students for less distractions.

– Emergency weather listings are posted on our website and facebook page.  Please check hourly during inclement weather.

– Inclement Weather Policy – If Fairfield County is under a level 2 or above, classes will be rescheduled.

– FSD’s Owner and Director, Angie Baird, encourages open communication.  Please contact her immediately if there are any concerns or suggestions in order to ensure that you and your child has a positive experience at FSD.  Call her at the studio at 740.407.1174 or email at angie@fusionstudiofdance.com.


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